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See if you qualify for a Term Loan

10 Year Business Term Loan @ 6.25%

Loan Amount:  $250K
Monthly Payment :  $2,807.00

The proceeds of the loan could payoff any short term business debt your business is currently burden with. That will drastically reduce the monthly payments to a very small fraction of what you are paying now.
And any additional funds could go towards working capital to help you expand your business by hiring new employees along with marketing and advertising which will increase your sales & revenue, and by no longer being smothered with high interest, short term debt your business could finally start to make waves in your industry as you build a strong, healthy company that will secure your family's future and the future of your valued employees as well!

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12 to 36 Month Business ACH Loans 
For Fast Business Capital
That You Needed Yesterday!

Loan Amount: $250K
Weekly Payment: $2,131.42

This is reccomended for those who do not yet qualify for a Term or Consolidation Loan and/or need working capital right away.
After you build a clean payment history with us for 6 months we are then able to streamline your loan to a longer term and at the same time extend you more capital if needed as well.
We are not looking to just fund your business one time, we want a 20 to 30 year relationship with you and your company!

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10 Year Business Consolidation Loan @ 4.99%
To Payoff those Short Term, Expensive Daily  ACH loans That Are Killing Your Cash Flow
​& Leave You With One Low Payment Per Month!

Loan Amount:  $250K
Monthly Payment : $2,650.00

If you have open balances of $250K today with these short term business ACH Loans odds are you could be making payments that add up to $75K a month!
By knocking that monthly payment down to $2,650.00 a month, thats a payment savings of over $72K each & every month which might not only help get your business to the next level...It might even save your company from going out of business all together!

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Requirements for a Business Term Loan:

-In business a minimum of 2 years
- Your business needs to be inc,llc, sole prop
- No bankruptcy's in the p​ast 3yrs
- Owner needs a 580 FICO score
- Yearly revenue of $350K

Requirements for a Business
Consolidation Loan:

-In business a minimum of 2 years

- Your business needs to be inc,llc, sole prop

- No bankruptcy's in the past 3yrs

- Owner needs a 550 FICO score

- Yearly revenue of $350K

Requirements for a Business ACH Loan:

-In business a minimum of 2 years

- Your business needs to be inc,llc, sole prop

- No bankruptcy's in the past year

- Owner needs a 500 FICO score

- Yearly revenue of $250K


All of our Business Loan Consultants at Straightline Capital that you will be working with to get your loan  are business owners just like yourself. Each one is incorporated  and  they incur overhead expenses such as salaries for their team members and assistants as well as  expenses for advertising and marketing and they know the need for capital to grow their business and also need to be wary of the risks too, such as unsucessful marketing campaigns and hiring team members that were not right for the position or they were just too damn lazy to be successful and we are sure you know those fears as well.  

Straightline Capital created this business model because we knew that business owners were smart enough to only do business with someone who understands their wants and needs  and feels like that person is working there hardest and doing everything in their power in order to get them the absolute best product for them and their business because when they look at you they see themselves and know 
what they would want and expect.

At Straightline Capital you will have a dedicated Business Loan Consultant that will work hand in hand with you and not only get you the financing that your company needs but also work with you to continually build up your borrowing profile so that everytime you need another round of business funding you will receive better and better terms because your profile will get continue to get stronger due to the coaching of your consultant and with guildlines consistantly changing in this industry its good to have someone on your team thats working on the inside and knows what the underwriters like to see.
Straightline Capital has become one of the biggest provider of small business loans by using a mixture of hardwork, enginuity , and acquisitions. We have bought out 6 other lenders/ brokers so far this year and are consistantly on the lookout for additional lenders to acquire.

By accumualting our competitors we are increasing our buying power and that allows us to offer loans at rates and terms that no other competitor could compete with which is a huge benefit for our clients and investors.